The Big Challenge on STV


The Big Challenge on STV

So you’ve all done Scotland’s biggest bike ride, but how did STV’s Sean Batty and Raman Bhardwaj find the 47 mile challenge ride? Find out tonight on STV as part of The Big Challenge at 8pm. The show features Sean and Raman’s journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh alongside people from all over Scotland taking part […]

Getting your bike ready for the ride

Here are some simple things which can be done to optimise your bike performance on the day: Degrease and oil the chain – Your chain should ideally be degreased after every ride, however before a long ride it is particularly important. Spray degreaser along the chain whilst wiping with a dry cloth, don’t forget the […]

2013 Sportive Times

The 2013 Sportive Times can be viewed here OR View your times through our supplier CHIP TIMING here.