Mark Beaumont

round the world cyclist

I really look forward to Pedal for Scotland each year and taking on the Classic Challenge ride so I can spend the day chatting to people and enjoying the great atmosphere……. Pedal for Scotland is a wonderful, sociable day on the bike for me. I know for some people it is the big sporting challenge of their year so I wish everyone taking part the best of luck.

Sean Batty

STV Weatherman

I’ve taken on quite a few cycling challenges for the STV Children’s Appeal and it was great to get back in the saddle for Pedal for Scotland 2015. The event has been a fantastic opportunity to raise money for the STV Children’s Appeal and help their fight against child poverty in Scotland, while enjoying a brilliant day out with the rest of Team STV. I hope we can encourage even more people join us in supporting the STV Children’s Appeal this year.

Charline Joiner

Commonwealth Medallist and Scottish Cycling athlete

Over the past few years cycling in Scotland has gone from strength to strength and it’s great to see events such as Pedal for Scotland taking place. Events like this are key to getting people of all ages and abilities involved in cycling whether it be for sport, leisure, to stay fit or have fun!’

Irene and Graham McIntosh

(aka Big Man and Wee Yin)

We chose to support the STV Children’s Appeal, as we’ve got two grand children who mean the world to us. Our own grand children don’t want for anything and don’t have to worry about clothing, food or a having a home. It’s really important that other children have that opportunity too.

Arfan Mohammed

It was Pedal for Scotland that inspired me to start cycling. I’ve been doing Pedal for Scotland since 2009, when I hadn’t been on a bike for over 18 years and I thought ‘I can do that!’ So I bought a bike and started cycling again. My best memory is crossing the line in Edinburgh Victoria park for the first time in 2009, it was a great feeling and accomplishment on what I set out to do. I really enjoyed every mile.

Stuart Russell

The first time I signed up for the Pedal for Scotland, Glasgow to Edinburgh 110mile Sportive was in 2012. I was looking for a tough challenge on the bike and came across PFS.

The furthest I’d cycled before for 70miles to Loch Lomond and back which was fairly flat so this looked the ideal challenge, one that would really test me and test me it did.

I cannot describe how much I was buzzing as I crossed the finishing line and was still buzzing a week later! Every year since I’ve come back to do the event and it’s always the main event of the season, the one that all the blood, sweat and tears is for!

Will Jackson

At the beginning of 2012, I was a 40 cigarette a day smoker sitting behind the wheel of a truck. After spending a week in hospital in March, I gave up the cigarettes, looked out an old bike and started going out once or twice a week. I watched the Tour De France in the July, Bradley Wiggins won and from then on was hooked on cycling. I decided to up my game, applied for a new bike through the cycle to work scheme and have never looked back. I entered the 2013 Pedal for Scotland sportive and decided to challenge myself by doing the 110 miles, up until then the most I had cycled was 48 miles. It took me over 8 hours to finish and nearly killed me but I had no hesitation in signing up for the 2014 event. Serious training followed and in 2014 I managed to complete in 6 hours, my goal for this year is to complete in 5 hours. I enjoy the event immensely as it is a very well organised event.

Alistair McArdle

I’ve participated in PFS over the years doing the Challenge ride 3 times and the Big Belter last year. This year I’m doing the Wee Jaunt with my Grandson of 8 years and my Daughter, who has also completed the Challenge ride. To be honest i couldn’t be more excited. Hoping that this year gives Ben a taste of what Pedal for Scotland is all about. A very well organised event and worthwhile cause!

David Pitt

Myself and my brothers Christopher and Timothy have been cycling together since we were knee high to grasshoppers. We now live in different parts of the UK so cannot cycle together much, so Pedal for Scotland gives us a focus and a ride that we can all do together in our homeland every year.

Hamish Chisholm

Scottie Dog

The 2015 cycle was fantastic! Just signed up for Pedal for Scotland again in 2016! Can’t wait to see you all there.

Jennie Cook

Des and Jennie show presenter, Capital FM

For those who cycle regularly, or for those who just fancy a fun challenge, you can’t do better than riding your bike between Glasgow and Edinburgh with amazing cake stops along the way!