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Thank you for your interest in working with Cycling Scotland.

We are not currently recruiting.

Why work for Cycling Scotland?

You'll be part of a team dedicated to making cycling easy and safe for everyone in Scotland.

Our organization may be small, but we're filled with caring and talented individuals who work together to create positive change in how we travel and live. We're actively seeking new talent to join us and contribute to our vision of a sustainable, inclusive, and healthy Scotland.

Together, we can make sure that anyone, anywhere can experience the numerous benefits of cycling.

What is it like working for Cycling Scotland?

You'll experience a caring and flexible environment that aligns with our values. We believe in creating a welcoming and friendly culture.

You'll be part of collaborative teams where we emphasize working together. We highly value you as a member of our staff and trust you to work independently because we know your contributions are vital in overcoming local and global challenges by getting more people cycling.

What else does Cycling Scotland have to offer?

We are trialing a hybrid way of work and offer our people a range of benefits. We are an organisation that understands that employees have a life outside work and that curating the right work-life balance is optimal for everyone.

What is the recruitment process like?

To apply, please complete an application form. Please see our guidance on completing an application form. If you need assistance to do this, help will be provided. We ask that you do not send photographs with your application.

All information given by applicants will be treated as confidential and sotred and disposed of in line with the Cycling Scotland data protection policy, Records Retention Policy and Privacy Notice. Applicants will also be asked to complete an Equal Opportunities Monitoring form. This information will be anonymised, will not be shared with the panel and will be used only for reporting and monitoring purposes.

If you're shortlisted, we'll invite you to a competency-based interview conducted by a friendly recruitment panel. Our aim is to put you at ease and get to know you better. During the interview, we'll ask you questions related to the role and encourage you to provide personal examples.

We also welcome any questions you may have about us as we value your curiosity. Depending on the role, there may be a requirement to give a short presentation or complete a test, which aligns with the criteria outlined in the person specification. Rest assured, we will provide you with advance notice about any additional requirements.

As an organization committed to responsiveness, we strive to maintain a quick turnaround time in our recruitment process. We understand that your time is valuable, and we genuinely appreciate your efforts and enthusiasm in wanting to join us.

How can I apply?

Open vacancies are listed on this page with detailed information and instructions on how to apply. You normally need to submit a completed application form and completed equal opportunities form to by the deadline specified in the job advert.

If there are no vacancies listed, please keep an eye on our social media channels where we share all our job opportunities. Follow us on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.